DogeMiner2: Back 2 the Moon

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Use your arrow keys or swipe to combine similar Doges.Left click to mine and buy upgrade and score points!




 Doge Miner 2 is back in this fantastic sequel . The new version features a stronger story and improved graphics.Like Doge Miner ,this is an adventure, a journey, a mission, a rivalry and so much more.The best thing? It's playable right here for free! Hit START now to begin your adventure! The mission remains the same: to purchase a spaceship and blast off to the moon, but you now have an increase amount of tools, upgrades and options at your disposal. Doge Miner 2 builds upon the fun mechanisms and gameplay of the original title and adds extras features for your enjoyment.


      You can now collect additional coins that drop randomly as you mine, and you can also collect Dogebags that drop randomly that contain different items such as improved pickaxes and bronze doge coins. Aside from mining the coins yourself, you can still hire Shibe workers and enslave armies of kittens to do your bidding and improve your Dogecoin generation rate. An added feature is the improved instruments you can purchase and the upgrades you can buy for your workers. Doge Miner 2 brings a whole new dimension to this fantastic idle game so get mining today!



Just as the original Dogeminer, this game is made by rkn!


Doge Miner 2 is a web browser game that works on all devices (including desktops, mobile devices, and tablets).


Clicker » Doge Miner 2

More Information About Doge Miner 2:

Doge Miner 2 is a wonderful clicker game that you can play on, free of charge. Doge Miner 2 is made with HTML5 technology to run smoothly in most browsers. It is playable in fullscreen mode to avoid any distractions. It was made by rkn. Did you like playing Doge Miner 2? Then also try our other clicker or Doge Miner and Bullet Force.


DogeMiner 2 is an extremely suitable simulation game to kill time. In this part 2, the player will continue to control a cute dog, use rockets to fly to the Moon and exploit the gold coins there. However, the game has some updates as follows:

  1. Mining Shibe: Very good type to exploit many dogecoin. Cost: 20 dogecoin.
  2. Doge Kenels: whole kenels to exploit dogecoin. Cost: 400 dogecoin.
  3. Slave Kittens: post a cute video on the internet for dogecoin. Cost: 1,800 dogecoin.
  4. Space rocket: fly to the Moon to find more dogecoin. Cost: 50,000 dogecoin.
  5. There are 2 locked items

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